9 iPhone Car Apps You Shouldn’t Miss

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iphone car appsiPhone car apps can help you send your car to maintenance, collect essential information in case of accident, park your car, navigate, save money on gas, and many more. Here are 7 essential car apps you want on your iPhone.

1: RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert – Free

Gives you accurate repair estimates so that you will know how much you have to spend. It can also find you a mechanic as well as roadside assistance throughout the United States. Get App

2: Honk – $0.99

A multi-purpose car app that enables you to locate gas stations and garages, tracks your remaining parking time, and comes with GPS features that help you find your way back to your parked car. Get App

3: Car Minder Plus – $2.99

Managing multiple services for your cars, it helps you better manage car maintenance by logging repairs and checking reminders. Overall a neat and useful app. Get App

4: GasBuddy – Free

Lets you find the cheapest gas stations in your area. You can search by fuel grade. Extremely accurate, it’s a must-have app if you drive a lot. Get App

5: iWrecked – Free

Getting involved in a car accident is messy business, and if you come out of it unscathed, you’ll probably be too confused to know what to do. iWrecked comes to your rescue: it lets you take photos of the accident scene, describe what happened, and compile a report for your insurance firm. And if that’s not enough, it also helps get in touch with towing services. Get App

6: Rest Area Finder – Free

A simple app that determines your cars’ current location and suggests the nearest rest areas, which it displays on an interactive map. Click the ballon linked to each rest area to find more about the location. Get App

7: Navigon – $59.99

Transforming your iPhone into a powerful mobile navigation system, Navigon is an app you want to take with you when driving in areas you know little or nothing about. Simple to use and fully functional, Navigon is the only navigation app you’ll ever want on your iPhone. Get App

8: Text’nDrive Pro – $4.99

This app can save your life. Every year, drivers who read or reply to emails while driving cause many car accidents. Text’nDrive Pro reads your emails for you, and lets you reply by speaking your email, which is then converted into text. Works with all major email services. Get App

9: TrafficAlert – Free

Provides alerts about the conditions on the road. An user-centric app, TrafficAlert works best if you live in a big city where other drivers are likely to use the app as well. Get App

Check all these apps, but make sure you don’t do it while driving. That can be dangerous.

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