The 8 Most Baffling Things About the iPhone!

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most baffling things about iphoneThe Apple iPhone has certainly revolutionized the smart phone industry. Even with extremely advanced nature of this phone, there are still many aspects of it that are quite baffling to consumers. It is by no means a perfect device as it is constantly being improved and changed. The following is a list of the eight most baffling things about the iPhone.

1.The battery cannot be removed.

Since the battery life is not that great on an iPhone, being able to have multiple batteries to switch between would be ideal. Also, once the battery finally dies and stops taking a charge, the entire phone only to be replaced.

2. There is no file organization on the phone.

Many other smart phones allow the user to access files and photos directly on the phone through file management. A user can create folders and move files around. The only way to do this on the iPhone would be when it is connected to a computer.

3. It still does not support Flash.

There are a lot of websites that utilize Flash. If the website is not mobile optimized and contains Flash, the iPhone will not be able to display it properly.

4. Not all apps are capable of multitasking.

Multitasking is something that has been highly acclaimed on the iPhone. However, depending on the application this does not always work properly. True multitasking is something that still cannot be done easily on the iPhone.

5. There are few options with the preloaded ringtones.

Customization is something that many phone users enjoy. The stock ringtones on the iPhone are very limited. Additional ringtones can be easily downloaded from the iTunes store, but this will cost the user additional money.

6. Notifications cannot be configured.

Many different apps for the iPhone have notifications. Unfortunately, there is no way to manage individual notifications. Because of this, every notification that comes through on the iPhone has the exact same sound and cannot be changed.

7. The screen and glass can be easily broken.

The iPhone is very visually appealing, but this comes at a price. The glass screen and back plate are said to be extremely durable. Even so, the phone can certainly be scratched or broken. Using a screen protector and case is recommended.

8. The apps are highly controlled.

Finally, Apple has a tight control on the apps that are allowed. There are many aspects of the operating system that cannot be utilized by third party apps.

There are still a good number of baffling things about the iPhone. Hopefully, as new models are released this list will begin to shrink.

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