7 Devices Your iPhone Can Replace

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iphone replaces devicesThe iPhone has proven to be a truly revolutionary product in many ways. It is the standard by which all smartphones are measured. More iPhones have been sold than any other smartphone, and Apple commands the Lion’s share of profits in the mobile industry.

But perhaps the greatest asset of the iPhone is how many previously standalone devices the iPhone can replace. It really is the realization of Jef Raskin’s information appliance concept from the late 1970’s.

You’ll find that in many cases, the iPhone is not only a suitable replacement, it’s actually far superior to the device it’s replacing and then in an instant it can be transformed into another device entirely.

With so many functions, it’s no wonder that people tend to freak out when it gets lost.

1. MP3 Player

mp3 playerIn many ways, the first generation iPhone really was an iPod transformed into a smartphone and to this day it’s still one of it’s strongest features. Heck, we still all use iTunes to manage our iPhones and while it’s a fairly robust piece of software these days, it’s roots are firmly entrenched in music.

Not only is an iPhone just as capable a music player as any dedicated iPod, it’s able to best its iPod brethren by being able to download and stream new music from any place with a cellular signal.

2. GPS Device


GPS devicesI remember buying my first GPS device in 2005 and spending $600 on the whole thing. It was nice but had a real tendency to have out of date maps and would occasionally just stop working altogether. With fantastic apps like Navigon from the App Store, you can get high quality, up to date navigation that’s just as good if not better than what current standalone units can do right from your iPhone.

3. Digital Camera

digital camerasWhen cell phones first started to ship with built in cameras, I thought it was a truly dumb idea – who’d want a crappy phone on their camera when it was easy enough just to carry one with you.

Even though it took a few generations of of iPhones, Apple has made a regular point and shoot digital camera obsolete. With an iPhone you can not only take just as good of pictures, you can also edit the photos, apply filters, and upload them to your photo sharing website of choice all without ever needing to transfer the photos to your computer.

While digital SLR cameras can still take higher quality pictures, most of us neither have the need, desire, nor time to learn how to use one.

4. Video Cameravideo cameras

The iPhone 4S has a built in 1080p video camera – it records at the same resolution as you can watch on your HDTV. And with that capability, virtually all consumer grade HD video cameras have been rendered obsolete. Heck, you can even attach professional quality audio equipment to your iPhone to make truly high quality video recordings and just like with the digital camera, you can edit the videos right from the iPhone if you so desire.

5. Voice Recorder

voice recorderIt used to be that every time I’d go for a walk or get in my car I’d have my voice recorder in my pocket. Whenever inspiration would strike, I’d pull out my voice recorder so I wouldn’t forget it. Then usually once every week or so I’d have to sit down at the computer an transcribe all my ideas.

These days I can use my iPhone as a voice recorder or just skip one step altogether and just have the iPhone transcribe whatever I’m saying.

6. PDA

pda imageWhile the PDA has certainly been brought to the brink of extinction by smartphones, people still do buy them. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. The iPhone can do virtually everything that a modern PDA can do and then some… and let’s be honest, it’s a heck of a lot easier to use too!

7. Portable Game Systemportable game system

Last but not least is how the iPhone is completely cannabalizing the portable game system industry.

I remember how when I was a kid, must trusty ol’ Nintendo Gameboy entertained me for many hours on road trips. Usually I’d have to go to the store and spend all of my allowance I’d been saving up to buy one $30 or $40 game and cross my fingers and hope it’s a good game.

With the iPhone (or iPod Touch), I can get thousands of entertaining games for free, buy thousands more for $.99 and read reviews or every game

If I get sick of one, I can just download another one right from the phone without ever having to get up from my seat, much less drive to the store.


So there you have it – devices that an iPhone can legitimately replace. Are there any devices you find yourself no longer having a need for now that you have an iPhone? Let me know in the comments below…

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