6 Top iPhone Apps for Anatomy & Physiology Students!

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iphone apps for anatomy and physiologyIf you have ever taken an anatomy class, you know how tough the course can be. Students in medical and physical therapy schools must remember hundreds of different body parts and recall their functions on command. In the past, this feat often demanded that you cram night after night in order to stuff as much information into your head as possible. Luckily, iPhone have come to the rescue. These are the top six iPhone apps can help you study anatomy wherever you are, making learning easier and more convenient.


This app was developed by University of Utah researchers to display a vivisection of the human body. You can move between the various layers of the body virtually as well as zoom and rotate different structures to look more closely at them. It’s all the information of a vivisection without the cadaver. Download

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards

If you need a convenient way to drill yourself on anatomy terms no matter where you are, this app is for you. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards offer 300 detailed cards featuring each body part. The app also comes with a quiz function to test your knowledge and make sure you are ready for that big test. Download

Human Anatomy Physiology Quiz

This iPhone app offers multiple sections that correspond to the different regions of the body. You can review over 1,200 different descriptions of body parts in flash cards as well as a comprehensive dictionary. A quiz is also available. Download

The Human Body

For a thorough look at the human form from an award-winning publisher, the Human Body for iPad presents stunning views of the various structures of the body. This app conveys broader information, but works for students who are taking anatomy courses without the intention of entering the medical field. Download

Pocket Anatomy

This app is available for the iPad, iPod, and iPod Touch, provides 30,000 words of content to learn and displays nine layers of the musculoskeletal system in interactive graphics. A Pocket Heart app accompanies this one, showing the different structures of the heart in detail. Download

Gray’s Anatomy

No list of resources on human anatomy would be complete without including the ultimate authority on the subject. Luckily, Gray’s Anatomy is available as an app that features all of the comprehensive information of the books in virtual form. If you are studying for a degree in the medical field, this app is a must-have. Download | Free | Premium

For many college students, anatomy is one of the most difficult courses you will take in your undergraduate career requiring hours of study to attain full knowledge of the subject. With the variety of anatomy apps available, you are no longer chained to a desk, cramming for exams.

Now, you can study on the go, whether on the bus or on breaks from your job. Anatomy apps allow you to use time more wisely so you can bone up on anatomy, while still meeting your body’s other obligations.

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