5 Reasons Why the iPhone will still be around in 2020!

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iphone in 2020Everyone these days seems to have an iPhone. They have so many apps and so many options that just fit for everyone. You can explore the internet, get on Facebook with the tap of an app, and use FaceTime to see the people you’re talking to on the phone. How cool! So many different versions have come out so far, we think that the iPhone will stick around forever. If you don’t have one, get one. You definitely won’t regret it. Here are some reasons why the iPhone will be around in 2020.

With each iPhone version, they just get better and better. There is always going to be that demand for a new iPhone because people are curious as to what new features a new one is going to have. Many times, people who don’t have a contract upgrade will just pay for the new update out of pocket just to find out what new features have been added to the new version. The want is always going to be there therefore iPhone will be around forever. If we keep purchasing them, they will keep making them with even cooler apps than before.

Rumor is that the next iPhone, which will be an iPhone 5, will be global. This means that it will truly be a worldwide phone. Therefore, the Apple iPhone will support the Chinese market and all other countries around the world. It is said that China has the biggest cell phone market in the world. If Apple does decide to expand the iPhone there, they definitely will continue to thrive in the cell phone world. This is a huge deal because there will be even more demand for the phones all over the world.

There are over 500,000 apps in the Apple iPhone app store. Everyday people are creating apps and adding them to the app store. These apps vary from photography apps, so many game options, and ways to connect with your friends and family. As long as these apps keep getting downloaded and people keep playing the games, editing their photos, and connecting with friends, the iPhone will be around.

The iPhone includes Safari which is an Internet Explorer for your phone. This is a wonderful part of the iPhone because you never know when you will need to do a search for something. Whether it’s a phone number, searching for that pair of must have shoes on Amazon, or searching for information about the water cycle, the iPhone Safari app is for you. Obviously, this helps the lifespan of the iPhone.

The iPhone keeps all of your music in one place. People love music. Always have, always will. Because it is a portable music player and it is small and easy to use, people will continue to use the iTunes store and download their music. Everyone loves to be in the airport listening to music or taking a jog with their headphones and music playing. As long as the price of iTunes doesn’t soar, people are always going to download songs and take their music with them. This is just another reason why the iPhone will be around forever.

Most people cannot go anywhere without their iPhone. Whether we’re checking your interactive countdown to vacation, searching Safari for your doctor’s phone number, or listening to music while going for a walk around the block, we can’t go anywhere without it. They will be around forever and about the time we find out they’re not making it anymore, you better believe there will be complaints.

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