5 of the Best VoIP Apps for iPhone Users

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best voip iphone appsIf you are looking for new ways to use your iPhone, as well as cut down on some costs, then you should seriously consider using a VOIP app. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, is basically a way of making telephone calls over an Internet connection; therefore, the calls are data only, and not subject to voice minutes. Given the super fast connection speed of today’s smart phones, VOIP is a great option for any savvy shopper, techno-geek or not, who either has a great Wi-Fi connection or a lot of data transfer minutes. When it comes to apps, there is quite a selection to choose from. Here are five of the best VOIP apps for iPhone users:

Skype. Chances are, you are already using Skype on your computer and you know what a great tool it is. Skype VOIP is just as useful, offers a lot of options, and is inexpensive to use. For under $6 a month, you can make voice calls over a 3g or Wi-Fi connection, video chat, and send instant messages.

Siphon. This self-proclaimed “first-ever” app to offer an SIP client in addition to a VOIP service is a great choice if you want to make VOIP calls from different applications. Just choose your SIP provider from the Siphon website, download the free app, and make calls from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Talkatone. This app is not directly associated with Google, but it does make use of Google Voice to offer unlimited free VOIP voice calls to any user who has a Google Voice account. Talkatone is extremely user friendly, easy to set up, and can be used on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can also partake in Google Voice texting right from the app interface.

iCall. New York Times once billed iCall the “App of the Week,” and for good reason. Using iCall, you can perform a wide variety of tasks, including photo sharing, instant messaging, video chatting, texting, chatting on Facebook, AIM, ICQ, or Windows Live Messenger . . . and, of course, making telephone calls to anyone, iCall user or not. To top it all off, iCall is free to download and easy to use.

MobileVOIP. This is a straight-forward, simple to use app that actually allows you to make international calls as well as domestic calls. Mobile VOIP will work on any iPhone or iPad with an iOS of 4 or higher.

As you can see, you have many options when it comes to using VOIP on your iPhone. Consider all of these great options to find the right fit for you.

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