5 iPhone Apps To Keep Your Eyes At Their Best

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iphone apps for eyesWhether it’s a matter of aging or you’ve always had to remain conscious of your vision quality, eyesight is something many people take for granted. If you are considering getting glasses or Lasik surgery to improve your vision, you should investigate a few technological tricks to make sure you’re making a wise decision before you spend so much money. Here are a few iOS iPhone apps to check out before you make an eye appointment.

EyeXam (iTunes)

eyexam appEyeXam is a fairly comprehensive tool for eye health. It can be used to test your vision with your mobile device or help you get started finding an optometrist. In the convenience of a single free app, you can research optometry practices, read customer reviews online, schedule appointments, read up on insurance benefits and learn about eye health through EyeWiki.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (iTunes)

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet TrackerAs if taking care of your body wasn’t something to be concerned about as it is, you really should consider that your eye health and general health are intrinsically linked. This is one of the most popular health apps on the market and is one you should definitely consider to help get your eating habits on track. Through your own research or consultation with a physician, keep yourself informed about what foods are essential for healthy eyes and use this tool to discipline yourself.

SightBook (iTunes)

eyexam appThis app is especially handy if you already have an optometrist that you’re seeing regularly. It features a number of near vision tests to track any changes in your eye function and send the results to your doctor. The basic tests include Visual Acuity, Amsler Grid and Color Discrimination. There are a number of other tests to try out, depending on how thorough you would like to be.

Eye Handbook (iTunes)

eye handbook appEye Handbook is equally useful for both optometry patients and doctors. It features comprehensive testing and forums to connect people with vision questions and concerns to educate each other. Most importantly, it features an extensive collection of videos, lectures and reference materials to use as quick guides or to further your understanding of vision function. Much of this material can be easily downloaded for reference when you have limited connectivity.

Eye Health (iTunes)

eye healthThis last app is primarily a reference collection. It features videos on proper eye care, glasses maintenance, and resources to find deals on cheap eye care products. While it isn’t loaded with features, it is worth a look.

When it comes to picking out a favorite between these apps, it’s all a matter of taste. Since they are all free, you can sample them without any worry, provided that you have the available space on your device. Always be sure to understand that none of these apps are a catch-all cure for eye problems and are not intended to supplant the opinion of a licensed medical professional. But if you’re considering eyewear, Lasik surgery, are studying optometry or are just curious about your eyes, give these apps a try and educate yourself.

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