5 Cool Organizational iPhone Apps for College Students

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iphone apps for studentsAs a college student, you need all the help you can get when it comes to getting through your college experience in one piece, and with the marks you desire on your report card. Fortunately, your iPhone can be much more than just your social networking assistant during your college journey. Your iPhone can provide you with invaluable assistance when it comes to organizing everything from your class schedule to your class notes. Want to know how you can best put your iPhone to work for you? Here are five cool organizational iPhone apps for college students:

Things: This app is touted to be one of the most intuitive and easy to use task management apps the iPhone apps store has to offer. Using Things, you can create a comprehensive to-do list, break it down into time-frames, and even prioritize your tasks between those most important, those that can wait a while, and those that can be put off indefinitely. Even more, you can break projects into separate steps, and also synchronize your iPhone Things app with your Mac Things app, so that you have ready access to your to-do list wherever you go.

Homework: Simply input all of your assignment due dates and examination dates and this app will set up reminders of what needs to be done, and when. HomeWork also keeps a running list of what you have done versus what needs to be completed, so that you can easily see what you need to be working on. With both weekly and daily schedule options, you can customize HomeWork to best suit your needs.

iStudiez Pro: From the simple user interface of this app, you can access a calendar, day planner, class schedule, assignments list, and more. IStudiez Pro even calculates your cumulative GPA as you go, and allows you to customize your grade scoring by assigning weights to the grades you input and indicating specific ranges for letter grading. iStudiez Lite

Evernote: This is an invaluable tool for keeping up with class notes, as well as sharing files and images, creating lists, and much more. Even better is the fact that Evernote is cross-compatible with Macs, Windows, and the Web.

SugarSync: Backup all of your files (this means class assignments, lectures, PowerPoint presentations, notes, and more!) to SugarSynch and you never have to worry about losing them. You will always be able to access them from your iPhone, without even storing them to your iPhone!

As you can see, your iPhone can be a lot of help to you when it comes to getting through college. Try these cool organizational apps out for size next semester.

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