5 Best iPhone apps to help you sleep

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iphone apps to help you sleepIf you’re having trouble sleeping, you may be looking for a solution to help you sleep better at night. Well, long gone are the days where you have to count sheep or take a few medication pills. Instead, did you know that you can use your iPhone to help bring relaxation to your life? To help you get back on track to a full night’s rest, here are five best iPhone apps to consider:

#1 Ambiance

ambiance appThis sound generator has been on the app market for a few years. With hundreds of sounds, you can search or download top rated clips. Simply click the sound that you want to listen to and fall fast asleep. With new alerts added weekly, you can listen to something new almost every night. Get App

#2 Count Sheep HD

count sheep iphoneIf you actually don’t mind counting sheep, you may want to consider the Count Sheep HD app. While adults can use this app, it’s great for children too. Set up a timer, prop your phone near your bed and start counting the sheep. As the music plays and sheep jump the fence, the app will automatically shut off when the timer runs out. Get App

#3 Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

deep sleep app for iphoneCreated by self-help expert Andrew Johnson, the Deep Sleep app uses sounds and offers breathing and relaxation techniques. Before you even hit the bed, you will want to follow the directions on this app closely. If you get into the habit of using this app each night, you will quickly find that you can’t sleep without it. Get App

#4 Long Deep Breathing

long deep breathing appMost people who have a hard time sleeping often think that music can help them get to sleep. Sure, while this the case most of the time, breathing exercises can help you relax, too. With the Long Deep Breathing app, this simple to use app will give you visual cues to show you when you should breathe and exhale. By practicing with this app, you can quickly learn how to soothe and calm the mind before bed. Get App

#5 Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

sleep cycleIf you’re finding yourself waking up in the morning feeling groggy, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an app to heavily consider. Before you go to sleep, you will place your iPhone underneath your bed sheets. By literally placing it next to you, the phone will be able to analyze your sleeping habits by monitoring your movements at night. Using trends, the app will know exactly when to wake you up so that you feel nice and refreshed. Get App

By downloading these apps, you will soon find yourself getting some of the best sleep imaginable. Download a few, use them nightly and let’s hope your sleep improves.

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