5 Best iPhone Apps to Assist Your Dieting

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iphone apps for dietingDieting is an issue that many Australian’s struggle with, whether you need to lose weight due to health problems, or just want to be more conscious of the food you are putting in to your body. In today’s ever growing world of technology it is easy to find many Apps to assist you with dieting, helping to make the struggle at little easier. Apps range from calorie counting to exercise trackers and everything in between. The following five best iPhone Apps are aimed at assisting users with dieting and provide successful tips on how to keep the weight off, while eating more nutritious meals and the right type of health food.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal includes methods of calorie counting at tips for successful dieting. The database for calorie counting in the App includes over 1.1 million foods, making the App very user friendly. My Fitness Pal asks the user to enter the amount of calories they wish to consume each day, followed by every food that you ingest throughout the day and any exercise you my accomplish. Once the user has entered the necessary information, the App totals the calories used and calories remaining, making it easier to choose healthier food options. Get App

Diet & Food Tracker

The Diet & Food Tracker App is synced with an online resource that provides users with a calorie tracker, customised daily meal plans, a fitness tracker and a weigh in page including a graph, making it easy for you to view the results from all your hard work. The App also includes a section for entering any dieting and weight loss goals you have, assisting you with staying on track with your dieting. If your goals are right in the palm of your hand, they provide a constant, friendly reminder to what you are working towards. Get App

Everyday Health

If you are dieting because you wish to have better health, then this is the App for you. Everyday Health offers advice on the best health foods to consume, nutritional facts on hundreds of snacks and recommended activities for fast calorie burning. The App offers smart health tips for every day of the year, meaning when you log in to your account every morning, a new piece of healthy advice awaits you. Get App

Calorie Tracker

The Calorie Tracker App aims at assisting you with reaching your weight loss, health and fitness goals by tracking your calorie intake and exercise achievements every day. The App contains over 1 million food and exercise choices, making it more easily manageable to track your calorie intake through food and calorie burn off through exercise. Not only does the App assist in tracking your calorie intake, but it also calculates your daily fat and carbohydrate intake, making it easier to understand why certain foods may be preventing you from dieting successfully. Pro | Free

Food Switch

The Food Switch App is a health initiative created by Bupa Australian Health. The App aims to provide users with three easy steps to better health by assisting them in understanding how they can reduce their fat, sugar and salt intake daily. Designed specifically for Australian’s, this App contains nutritional information on over 28, 000 products that are most commonly used be Australian’s every day. The Food Switch App is a healthy way to assist the whole family in maintaining a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Get App

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