4 Space Related Apps for iPhones

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iphone spaceThe terrestrial world has been depressing lately, now’s a good time to escape to outer space. Your iPhone is your ticket for the adventure of a lifetime. Explore the expanses of the heavens in style right from the comfort of your iPhone. This special group of four iPhone apps highlights how lucky we are to live here in the twenty-first century. They combine the best elements of science, education, communications and fun. If anyone still thinks that the iPhone is just for making phones calls, then think anew. Closet astronomers and others will be on Cloud 9 learning firsthand about the cosmos.

Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

starwalk 5 Star Walk-5/ Stars Astronomy Guide is an extraordinary app that makes your iPhone perform fascinating feats of scintillation. Simply point your iPhone at the sky and watch it do its thing. Your iPhone is magically transformed into a tricorder as it delineates your position and goes on screen with names of stars and a myriad of other amazing facts and figures for your relative position. Follow the adventures of the International Space Station and other celestial events. The spectacular views and insights about our galaxy and beyond will leave you spellbound. Get App

Skyview – Explore the Universe

skyview universeSkyview – Explore the Universe is another one of the new breed of interactive astronomy apps that are out of this world. Point your Skyview-loaded iPhone at the sky and you are suddenly Carl Sagen incarnate. The heavens open up their secrets for the Skyview app user. All the stars and constellations are clearly labeled. Even satellites and other orbiting objects like the Hubble Space Telescope are ID’ed for your reference. The 3D graphics enhance your viewing pleasure and make the stars and planets come alive like never before. Skyview not only identifies the numerous celestial bodies, it also furnishes various historical and present data about them. Free | Pro


nasa appNASA App is pretty awesome because it is the real thing. Galileo would faint if he saw the crystal clear clarity of the wealth of images from satellites, the International Space Station and other spacey sources. Options for connecting up with our fearless aeronauts and teams of hardworking scientists abound through the facebook and Twitter social media platforms. The NASA App is a fabulous way to learn about science or just to groove on all of the space stuff. You are able to stream; NASA videos and live content, including liftoffs with countdowns and all of the excitement of space exploration. Get App

Starlight – Mobile Planetarium

starlight mobileStarlight-Mobile Planetarium is the fastest app in the west, so to speak. Its graphics fly by at the astounding speed of 60 frames per second. The inhabitants of the night sky are identified for those that have not yet committed all of the names of the stars and galaxies to memory. There is a handy compass feature that can serve as a terrestrial guide as well. Starlight also includes some nifty science fiction trivia. Its users are positively gaga over the app. With the many educational and entertaining attributes of Starlight Mobile Planetarium, it is a sure attention grabber. Get App

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