4 NFL NFC Eastern Division Apps for iPhones

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nfl iphone appsThe New York Giants took it all last year. And when you come right down to it, they were only one game and some change better than two of the other three teams in the National Football League East Division of their National Football Conference. That is not a coincidence either. The NFC East is the most successful of all the other divisions in the NFL. You will be the most successful iPhone sports fan with these four gridiron apps in hand for the coming 2012 football season. How narrow is the margin between the thrill of success and the agony of defeat in the NFC?  Last season it was just one game and some points.

New York Football Pro Gridiron Fan

new york football proNew York Football Pro Gridiron Fan provides those details that make being a fan cool. Complete news and all of the gossip that you can absorb. You’ve got the roster, schedule, the standings plus videos galore. You know what Tom Coughlin is up against. Repeating a Super Bowl win two seasons in a row is not a walk in the park. It is a giant task that requires all of the fan support and energy that can be mustered. Follow Eli Manning and the rest of the team as they defend their crown. Get App

Philly Pro Football 2011

philly pro footbal 2012Philly Pro Football is loaded with extras like live chat that make it an indispensable app for Eagles aficionados. Galleries of photos mix with real time scores and plays to give you the ultimate gridiron exclusives. Twitter feeds from the press compliment informative Inquirer content to make for a veritable Philly frenzy. All of the blogs, statistics and videos that you can digest will have you bursting at the seams with Eagles pride. Fans love the Eagles’ nearly annual playoff appearances and will appreciate the treasure trove of data this app delivers. Get App

Cowboys News Live

cowboy news liveCowboys News Live is universally loved by its users. Can there be any better advertisement than that? Well, maybe a high Google ranking might be a close second. In any case those that like the Dallas Cowboys and maybe even some that don’t will want this app on their list. It’s lean, it’s mean and that makes for the best roundup of Cowboys camp and game highlights. For the masses of would be Cowboys and girls out there Cowboys News Live will be a constant companion during the 2012 season and going one step beyond. Get App

Redskins Powerboard

redskins powerboard appRedskins Powerboard is freshly updated and raring to serve your football desires. You know that Head Coach and Executive Vice President Mike Shanahan can’t be happy for long on a losing club. With the club’s energetic youth movement in full swing, perhaps those other old fuddy-duddies in the conference may be left to their Geritol on the sidelines. For the Redskins it might be said that it can only get better. The fans certainly hope so. Quarterbacks Jonathan Crompton, Robert Griffin and Kirk Cousins promise to at least keep things lively. Get App

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