4 iPhone Cases On Kickstarter Every Apple Aficionado Must Look Out For

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iphone cases kickstarterThere are plenty of handy iPhone cases available in the market that solve the basic purpose of keeping your iPhone safe and damage-free. But if you’re looking for an iPhone case that is a tad different, extraordinary, and useful than most of the iPhone cases that you come across these days, you’ve got to check out the following four iPhone Cases successfully funded on Kickstarter. All you iPhone lovers out there watch out for your nearest stores since these nifty cases are going to be flying off the shelf in no time! Have a look.

SIMPLcase – Minimalistic iPhone 5 Case for TravelersSIMPLcase for iphone

Do you travel a lot due to work commitments or other leisure pursuits? Looking for an easier way to carry around your precious iPhone while you’re on the go? If yes, the SIMPLcase is precisely what you’re looking for. The SIMPLcase is a simple, sleek, minimalistic iPhone case which has specially been designed to cater to your global jet setting needs. What makes this low profile yet efficient iPhone case special is the fact that it features an onboard storage unit for SIM cards and an eject tool. While you’re travelling across international borders, this handy case makes it simple for you to manage all your spare SIM cards at one place. It is also a perfect place to store your iPhone’s tiny ejection tool safe and secure. The interiors of the case have a soft silicone rubber that will protect your SIM cards, keeping them intact. What’s more, the SIMPLcase can also use any standard credit card, bank card, or any other membership card as a stand to prop up the phone in either landscape or portrait orientation – perfect!

VimcamPlus: The Revolutionary iPhone 5 Camera Casevimcamplus iphone case

Are you a photography enthusiast? Do you like capturing or recording all those interesting, exciting, and adventurous moments of your life? If yes, why not make the best use of your brand new iPhone 5 by giving it the most ultimate case ever, the VicamPlus! Basically, the VicamPlus is a revolutionary case that turns any iPhone 5 into a professional waterproof camera with not one, but three different lenses! Ideal for adventure activities such as skateboarding, skiing, mountain biking, BMX, auto racing, and so on, the VicamPlus offers great video recording capabilities. Designed for filming with rotating lenses, the the 3 lens design allows wide-angle, fisheye, and micro views. Moreover, the lenses provide a crystal clear 170-degree viewing angle, which enables you to capture high-quality photos and videos while being protected by an anodized aluminum bezel. The case is also compatible with all your GoPro accessories!

Juice Tank: The first ever iPhone CASE and CHARGER in one

If you own an iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter, you know your charger has to be in your bag at all times – thanks to the low battery life of these power-hungry phones. Let’s face it – most of the times, carrying your charger everywhere can be a pain. This is where Juice Tank comes in. The Juice Tank is the first iPhone case of its type, which features an integrated wall charger that folds flat to provide maximum portability. The plug deploys effortlessly and enables you to plug your phone directly into any outlet, without using any cords – perfect! If you were to ever forget your charger at home or if your phone’s battery is dying and you need to charge it, nothing will come in handier than the Juice Tank iPhone case. Moreover, the case is made out high grade polycarbonate to protect your phone from wear and tear. Overall, this is a great case that eliminates the need to carry clumsy wires – charge your phone with Juice Tank anytime, anywhere!

SAFE Wallet Case for iPhone 5safe wallet case for iphone

Wouldn’t it be simply great and ideal if your iPhone case could also double as a nifty wallet to store all your important cards, cash, as well as your house keys? Are you wondering whether it is even possible for such a case to exist? Have a look at the SAFE Wallet case for iPhone 5 and wonder no more! Believe it or not, the SAFE Wallet is the ultimate iPhone case wallet solution, which is capable of holding the thickness or 5 credit cards or up to 15 business cards – all this in a beautifully streamlined protective case. Whether you’re going for a walk or a run, or going to the gym, or even a local restaurant, you can have everything neatly organized in one place, rather than fumbling through or emptying all your pockets. Be it your house keys, your visa card, debit/credit cards, business cards, your driving license and what not, everything could be accessed from your sleek iPhone case wallet!

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