4 iPhone Apps for a Stress-Free Taxi Ride

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iphone taxi appsRelying on a taxi to get you around a city you are familiar with or a vacation destination can be convenient, but it is not always stress-free

. Whether you are worried about how much the trip will cost or worried about how to find a cab in the first place, these apps allow you to use your iPhone to cut out some of the stress so that you can simply concentrate on getting where you need to go.


fareshare iphoneThis app will tell you everything about your potential cab ride except the name of the driver. You can let the GPS locator figure out where you are, or you can type in a specific starting address as the beginning of the cab ride. Enter your final destination, and Taxometer will figure out exactly what the fare will be including tax. You can even use the app to contact the taxi dispatcher and order a cab without making a phone call. Common destinations can be set so that you don’t have to enter the full address every time you want to calculate cab fare. The app is $1.99 and available through the Apple store or iTunes. Get App


kabbee iphoneAlthough this free app is only useful for London cab riders right now, its early popularity could spawn similar apps in the United States in the near future. Kabbee contracts with specific taxi companies to provide instant information to people who need to hail a cab at any time of the day or night. All you have to do is enter your location into the app and the taxi company will immediately dispatch the least expensive driver in your area to pick you up. You’ll be given a cost estimate and an estimate of the amount of time you should expect to wait until the driver arrives. Get App


gobicab iphoneIf you need a Seattle taxi service or a New York cab ride but you would like to save some money, there are some ride sharing apps that can help you out. All you need to do is put your location into the app and then tap to find out if anyone near you is looking for a ride share. GobiCab will tell you where to meet your cab, and then you split the fare with the other rider. This app is not ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to ride with strangers, but it could save you some money on your next ride across town. Get App

Taxi Magic

taximagic iphoneWith Taxi Magic, you can order a cab, watch its progress toward your destination, and pay the fare using your iPhone. The app is hooked into taxi dispatch systems so that you can instantly see which cabs are closer to you and the fares each cab charges. Instead of calling for a cab, you simply tap the screen and the closest available taxi will be routed to your current location. If you are traveling for business, an e-receipt can be produced so that you can easily expense the trip through the office without having to carry any awkward paper receipts. Get App

The nice thing is that the apps won’t cut into your cab fare while they help you eliminate cab stress. If you’re in need of a cab in Seattle, be sure to look up

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