4 Fun and Entertaining War Games for the iPhone

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war games for iphoneWhen it comes to games for smartphones and tablets, some of the most popular choices revolve around wars. War games attract users of all ages, and with the advancements in technology, playing war games on an iPhone can be just as exciting as playing one on an Xbox or PlayStation.

If you are interested in playing war games, the following are four of the best on the market today.

1. Trenches II

trenches II iphone gameTrenches II is the follow up to Trenches, but this game is much bigger and harder. Battlefields are more realistic and the artillery is much more devastating.

Through the game, you need to lead your troops through different trenches, traps, wire and landmines. You can play against the app’s rivals or take on real enemies through GameCenter. You can even play others through WiFi.

You can choose from over 20 different troops, and for every battle you win, you can earn “perks” that allow you to gain more forces and better weaponry. [Get: Trenches II for iPhone]

2. Modern Combat: Sandstorm

modern combat sandstormModern war is brutal, and Modern Combat: Sandstorm allows you to experience it. In the game, your goal is to find and dispose of a new terrorist ring.

In order to complete your mission, you will have access to the best modern warfare. You can choose between 10 different missions, each taking place in realistic towns. You can play alone or compete against others through WiFi and Bluetooth.

The controls on the smartphone were intelligently designed to provide the best plays, and all graphics are designed in 3D for an impressive view. [Get: Modern Combat: Sandstorm for iPhone]

3. Great Little War Game

great little war gameWar games don’t always have to be brutal. Great Little War Game allows you to lead your army and protect yourself from your enemies, but it’s unique style offers a bit of comedy too. There are 20 different levels to beat, with each one containing more and more difficulty settings and effects.

Great Little War Game looks more like a cartoon than a war game. It has a full 3D effect, and the controls are simple to use. It may just be one of the only war games on the market that will have you laughing.[Get: Free | Pro]

4. World War

world war gameWars of the past were bad. Wars today are bad. And wars in the future are going to also be bad. World War puts you in the middle of a nuclear war in 2020. Most of the world has disappeared, and only five countries are left.

You get to choose which of the five countries you want to be, and you must fight the other four countries for main dominance. Each country has different strong points. You can also ally with other players to make your troops stronger.  If you play with others, you also have the ability to comment on their games and share messages. [Get: Get App]

All four of these games have great visuals, making each game exciting to play, even on the small screen of a smartphone. If you enjoy war games, make sure that you add these four to collection.

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