4 Apps to Keep Drivers Safe on the Road!

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With new technology often comes great advantages. This can certainly be said of things like cell phones, which made the world smaller and make it much easier to correspond with family, friends and coworkers, along with getting user the information they need at just a moment’s notice. However, along with these advantages unfortunately also comes some disadvantages. Drivers who regularly use their cell phones while driving are at a greater risk for car accidents, bodily injury and higher insurance payments each month as a result. In order to stay safe while behind the wheel, use the best of technology to ensure that you are able to avoid bad weather, stay away from bad traffic and potential accidents and keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

1. Beat the Traffic

This incredible application uses state of the art technology to keep drivers informed of traffic updates in their area and along their specific route. Rather than driving straight into a potential accident with aggravated drivers and increasing your own frustration, check the application before you start driving and completely avoid the most congested areas. This app will even suggest alternate routes to get you to your destination faster, and make give constant updates should the situation change.

2. Drive First

Although cell phones have so many helpful aspects, it can be a challenge to ignore a ringing phone or a text in case of an emergency. However, even fiddling to check the screen and the incoming number can mean you are at a greater risk of an accident. An application like Drive First eliminate this entirely. It allows for you to program three numbers that can come through, which might be your children and your spouse. Everyone else will be directed straight to voicemail, or receive a text message letting them know that the user is currently driving and will return the call once it is safe to do so.

3. Weather Channel

One of the biggest causes of car accidents and frustrating behind the wheel is inclement weather. Since the climate can change so quickly, it is important to drivers to know what to expect in the hours and days ahead. This helpful smartphone application allows drivers to check and see what the weather will be like for hourly increments over the course of the day. This helps you to avoid the worst times to drive, which might be in heavy snow, rain or wind. In addition, this app can alert users to impending harsh weather with a rapid alert system.


This amazing application is perhaps one of the most effective ways to help drivers stay focused on their driving while still multitasking. The app can read aloud incoming text messages and emails to you, and even write responses based on your voice dictation.

Each of these applications can make driving safer. By implementing one or all of them, it will be possible to reduce accidents and keep your insurance premiums as low as possible.

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