4 Adjectives that Describe an Awesome iPhone Accessory

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iphone accessoryWhat are your preferences when it comes to iPhone accessories? Do you choose function over design? Are you the type that wants to preserve the original style and look of your iPhone? Or are you the one that tries to transform the iPhone’s primary physical attributes?

Our iPhone preferences may produce different choices, but when choosing and judging the best and most notable iPhone accessories, we actually always go for a specific set of attributes. These attributes are the ones that create an image of what can be described as “awesome”. Even if functionality is fulfilled, we would seldom hold interest to an iPhone accessory if these important attributes are not present.

So what are these qualities that we are speaking of? Take a look at some of these straightforward adjectives:

  • Simple – We know that functionality is always the primary criterion when assessing the “awesomeness” of any iPhone accessory. However, functionality can actually be downplayed if the accessory is not simple enough to install, attach or use. Complexity is not always needed to boost an iPhone accessory’s potential functionality. In fact, depending on the baseline purpose, simplicity might even be an augmenting attribute. Take a look at Griffin’s AirCurve Play iPhone accesory for example. It does not have the necessary complex electronics, and yet with just its special aerodynamic shape, it can provide a sufficiently considerable boost to the smartphone’s speaker output volume.
  • Practical – Of course, even if the function of the accessory can be sufficiently helpful enough, we can’t really call it awesome if it does not pass the standard level of practicality needed for today’s smartphones. Practical basically means suitable for standard everyday use, but it may also mean being able to fit the iPhone accessory’s function for a specific but regularly done (or considered) purpose. The Mophie Juice Pack iPhone accessory perfectly simulates this ideal accessory-level practicality, by tapping onto the most basic functionality required to make smartphones work, power generation. It actually seems to be just an average extra battery pack in terms of function, but since it is designed to fit into an iPhone like a protective case, it is more perfectly practical to use (as if it was actually part of the phone itself) than a wired battery pack.
  • Clever – The word “awesome” is usually directly connected to the word “astonishment”, just as how “astonishment” can also be related to the word “clever”. Okay, maybe not that much related, but many clever accessories, when designed just right enough, do incite a degree of excitement that we can sufficiently call as “astonishment”. The Breffo Spiderpodium, when seen at a glance, seems like your average kids’ weird alien-like spider toy. But when it presents its actual function, it never fails to amuse and astonish anyone. It functions as a universally flexible iPhone stand, enabling its user to stick, attach, and place their iPhones almost anywhere using its eight segmented “legs”.
  • Stylish – When it comes to the baseline aesthetic aspect of an accessory’s worth, having a certain amount of coolness or cuteness adds to the overall image of an iPhone’s accessory’s functionality. More than just looking good though, it is also important for us that the accessory would also seem unique; it must at least be distinctly distinguished from other similarly designed accessories. A few good examples that fulfill this quality are the iPhone protective cases designed after iconic electronic items such as the NES/Famicom controller case and the Game Boy case.

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