3 Retro Music Cool iPhone Covers Summer 2012

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iphone covers 2012Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone, is a great device that has so many advantages over phones made by other manufacturers. Not only does it offer great call service but you can download any number of apps for managing your life in various areas. Of course, protecting and decorating your iPhone is extremely important as it is made chiefly from glass. Fanpac has plenty of great covers that are custom made for the iPhone 3G and 3GS and for the iPhone 4 and 4S. With these, you can show off a bit of your own personality in displaying musical artists and bands you love.

Blondie Cover

The Blondie cover for the iPhone has an almost pop art type look to it and features lead singer Debbie Harry. The photo appears to be a great quality Adobe Illustrator drawing. Debbie’s hair is painted yellow, her eyeshadow is light blue and her lips deep red. The Blondie logo appears at a slightly diagonal angle near the top of the singer’s head.blondie iphone cover

David Bowie

The David Bowie iPhone cover is somewhat similar to the Blondie one in the sense that it almost looks like pop art. There is a great design of David that appears in a thick red circle with a yellow background with black dots. Bowie looks like a carbonized version of himself, and his last name appears at the top of the cover, along with a design that looks like a lightning bolt directly beneath it. “Bowie” is in red with a yellow outline. It is a cool cover that any true David Bowie fan would love to use on their device.david bowie iphone cover

Cradle of Filth

Any fan of extreme heavy metal would love the Cradle of Filth iPhone cover. It is very artistic with the band’s logo at the top and a photo of a woman with long black hair in a blood red dress sitting on a park bench in a woodsy area. It appears there is a windstorm in the park setting, with a swarm of some sort at the bottom of the photo, giving it an eerie feel. Overall, the Cradle of Filth cover is exceptionally artsy, with brilliant and bright colors overall.cradle of filth iphone

The depth of colour and finish on these cases is fantastic and the detail is exceptional.  It really takes these cases above the run of the mill alternatives and makes them something special.

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