3 Best iPhone Apps to Help you Train your Dog

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dog trainingIn the ever growing world of technology and smart phones, you’ll find an App for just about anything. It can often be a hard choice of which road to travel along, when deciding how to train your dog. The following best iPhone Apps aim at making Dog Obedience Training easier for all pet owners.

Puppy & Dog Trainerpuppy dog trainer

This form of Dog Obedience Training fits right in the palm of your hand and covers everything from basic to advanced commands, house breaking, puppy care and correcting behaviour. The Puppy & Dog Training App uses only professional techniques to help make life easier for you and your canine friend. The App offers training techniques for both puppies and mature dogs. Puppy training guides include everything from house breaking, chewing, leash training and what to do in case of an accident. The Puppy & Dog Trainer App recommends beginning Dog Obedience Training with their simple basic commands, which could one day save your pet’s life. Basic commands for dogs include ‘Sit’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Down’. Once your pet pal has mastered these obedience commands, it’s time to move onto the more advanced tricks, such as teaching your dog to ‘high-five’, ‘play dead’ and ‘peek-a-boo’. This App contains all the tools that professional dog obedience trainers use, to ensure a smooth transition for you and your dog. [Get App]

Dog Training Kitsdog training kit

This App provides users with three basic tools for Dog Obedience Training. Three techniques, which are tried and tested and often used by professionals, include Clicker Training, Bell Training and Whistle Training. This App provides pet owners with the correct sounds used in all of these methods, right in the palm of your hand. Sound clips included in the App are three different forms of Clicker and Bell Sounds and six different pitches of Whistle Sounds. When beginning obedience training with your dog, the App recommends trying all training methods to see which one your dog best responds to. ‘Dog Training Kits’ also includes information about each of the sound response techniques and why they might work for you and your pet. Once you have found the sounds for your dog, it’s’ time to begin your obedience training! [Get App]

Best of 101 Dog Tricksbest dog training

The Best of 101 Dog Tricks App provides users 8 different tricks to teach your dog. The App includes basic commands used in Dog Obedience Training including Sit, Down, Crawl and Roll Over. The App also includes fun tricks to teach your dog, such as Shake Hands, Fetch, Spin Circles and Hoop Jump. This App provides a fun, yet responsible way to help guide your dog through obedience training. A Progress Log, detailed pictures of how to best perform your training and detailed instructions are just the basics that you can expect to receive from the Best of 101 Dog Tricks. Free | Pro

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