10 iPhone Cases With Style and Function

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OtterBox Commuter CaseLooking for a sturdy case to protect your iPhone without sacrificing good looks? With these 10 stylish designer iPhone cases, you’re sure to find a case that speaks to your unique sense of style.

1. SwitchEasy Plank Avant-garde Hard Caseswitcheasy iphone case

The SwitchEasy Plank Avant-garde Hard Case brings together nature and technology. Not only does the back of the iPhone case have the look of warped wood, but also the unique texture with 3D design elements. The set not only comes with the case, but also port protectors and screen guards. It’s a complete protection package with style, and Switcheasy also offers other similar models with themes like flowers, skylines, and even steampunk elements.

2. Case-Mate Glam Case

Case-Mate Glam CaseCase-Mate Glam Cases are for the iPhone user who can’t get enough bling. The case has embedded glitter with a smooth finish, and it is sturdy yet thin to keep the iPhone’s smooth shape and finish intact. Traditional gold along with silver, pink, and other bedazzling colors are available.

3. LifeGrip Stripe Clear TPU Case

LifeGrip Stripe Clear TPU CaseLifeGrip’s Stripe Clear TPU Case blends together the naturally attractive looks of the iPhone with a bold, neon texture. The case is hard, clear plastic with a wavy striped pattern colored into the back of the case in black, white, pink, blue, or purple.

4. OtterBox Real Tree Camo Defender Case

OtterBox Real Tree Camo Defender CaseThis camouflage iPhone case is designed with the rugged adventurer in mind, both in style and function. Not only does the camo design match other hunting and sporting equipment, but the case offers 3 layers of protection within, along with clear protective membrane on the touchscreen and camera, plugs, and a belt clip.

5. LifeGrip Expose TPU Case

LifeGrip Expose TPU CaseMuch like the Stripe Clear case, this Expose TPU case by Lifegrip continues to bring together the natural look of the iPhone with a stylish layer of protection. The flexible yet sturdy TPU plastic cover is mostly clear, but includes a wave of color for a personal finish.

6. Sena 158250 Argyle Pouch

Sena 158250 Argyle PouchIf you’d rather keep your iPhone in a pouch than a traditional case, these chic argyle pouch by sena is durable with a soft internal liner to keep your iPhone free of scratches. Hints or orange against black and white give the pouch a touch of boldness while remaining mature and suitable for professional use.

7. Speck Citylife Grey Fitted Case

Speck Citylife Grey Fitted CaseSpeck has a variety of fabric-lined iPhone cases with intricate designs, and the Citylife case has artistic urban flair with a sketchy look at a city skyline on the back. But make no mistake; under the gentle fabric is sturdy hard plastic expected from a good case to keep your iPhone safe.

8. Piel Frama 525 Magnetic Leather Case

Piel Frama 525 Magnetic Leather CasePiel was one of the first names in cell phone cases, and continues to make their cases by hand to this day. The Piel Frama 525 Magnetic Leather Case not only looks professional, but doubles as a wallet with credit card slots and stays closed with magnets. The leather cases come in over a dozen styles including several patterns like ostrich and alligator. Colors range from darker tones for a professional look to bright, bold hues.

9. Marware Pink SportGrip Core

Marware Pink SportGrip CoreDesigned with the girl on the go in mind, Marware’s Pink SportGrip Core case uses its aesthetically pleasing dimples as shock absorbers for when you drop your iPhone. The case also covers every part of the front of the phone sans the touchscreen itself, giving your iPhone even more protection for those long bike rides.

10. OtterBox Commuter Case

OtterBox Commuter CaseOtterbox has designed their commuter case line of iPhone cases with the phone’s camera aspect in mind, and the design plays on the look of camera cases while adding sleek, urban flair. Two layers of protection – one hard plastic and one silicone – work together both in the bold design and to maximize protection of your iPhone. Protective film is also included.

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